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Accounts, Payouts and Bonuses



3.1.1. In order to open the Customer Account and to use the services of the Website, it is necessary to provide an email address, to choose a password and to fill in the information necessary to complete the registration, as well as to provide the personal information, including full name, date of birth and phone number.

3.1.2. The Customer's account must be registered upon the use of the valid and the actual data belonging exclusively to him/her. The Company retains the discretion to request confirmation of the Customer's data (including a copy of passport / ID and/or bank card and/or address of the actual residence). Failure to provide the above-mentioned documents may result in the blocking of the account and withholding all of the funds being available on the account. In this case, the Customer waives to pursue any claims to the Company.

3.1.3. The Client guarantees that during the registration process he has provided accurate, complete, and reliable information about himself/herself and undertakes to update any information in case of its change. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the closure of the account, the imposition of a restriction on the account or the cancellation of transactions (including bonuses and winnings received).

3.1.4. The Customer may open and hold only one Account per Player, household, postal or IP address, computer, or other device. Any other accounts that the Customer opens on our Website, including the accounts of other Players opened from one or the same IP address or computer, will be referred to as "Duplicative Accounts". We retain the discretion to close any Duplicative Accounts, resulting in the following:

All transactions made from a Duplicative Account will be terminated;

All bets made from Duplicative Accounts and all added funds will be referred to as "void" and deducted from the Account;

Any benefits and bonuses obtained by the Customer or accrued to the Customer during the period when the Duplicative Account was active will be terminated. We retain the discretion to request a refund from the Customer if they have previously made a withdrawal of the funds.

Players who use one-time or invalid email addresses will be banned without the opportunity to win or refund a deposit.

3.1.5. After the Account is already opened, the Client undertakes to keep the login data secret and not to disclose (moderately or accidentally) to third parties. If the Client has lost or forgotten their login data, they can recover their password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link in the login window.

3.1.6. The Client is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/her password, as well as of all actions that occur in the Customer's account. The Client is also liable for any damage caused to his Game Account, including damage to the Company due to his actions or actions on the side of third parties committed in his Account.

3.1.7. The Customer shall immediately notify the Company of any unauthorised use or theft of his/her account, as well as of any other breach of security. If necessary, the Client agrees to provide the Company with confirmation of the illegal actions committed in relation to his account. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Customer's account due to its use by any one of the Client's password with or without notification.

3.1.8. By accepting our Terms & Conditions, you give us the right to occasionally send you important notifications, promotion emails and newsletters via SMS or email


2.1 At Captainsbet we doeverything to make sure that your withdrawal request is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Withdrawing your winnings from your account is really simply. Simoly log into your Captainsbet account the usual way with your login and password. Go to Menu section, "Withdrawal". From there you will have a list of methods via which you can make a withdrawal. Choose a method, click on "Withdraw" and enter the sum you want to withdraw. You can also view your withdrawal history by going to the Menya dn clicking on the Transaction History button.


3.1 All bonus offers apply only to customers over the age of 18 and can only be issued to one person, family, one place of residence, email address, phone number, payment account (debit or credit card, Bank account, etc.), IP address, and a shared computer.

3.2 We reserve the right to refuse payment of winnings to players using a one-time email address and phone number.

3.3 In order to be able to withdraw winnings, any bonus must be wagered, the conditions of which is specified in bonus description.

3.4 Different games can make different contributions to the bonus wagering. Details are given in the description of each bonus separately.

3.5 All jackpot games cannot be played with bonus money.

3.6 Players can request the withdrawal of the amount of the deposit made before the wagering conditions of the bonus are met. In this case, the bonus amount and any winnings received during the wagering will be debited from the cash account. Please note that when playing with an active bonus, the real money is spent first, and then the bonus money.

3.7. Bets placed during the game are deducted from the actual funds on the player's balance. If there are no real funds left on the balance, the bets made are deducted from the bonus funds available on the account.

3.8. The maximum allowed bet with an active bonus is 400 RUB, 5 EUR/USD/ 150 UAH. This also applies to purchased bonus games in slots, as well as the doubling game after the end of the game round, for example, when a player bets all the winnings from the game round X on red/black in the risk game mode (doubling games).

3.9. Any bonus can be canceled if desired before the wagering conditions are met. To do this, contact the online support service on the website or simply use the "Cancel" button in your personal account, in the "Bonuses" section.

3.10 You can only get one bonus at a time. Bonuses related to deposits do not add up. Captainsbet reserves the right to cancel any bonuses or winnings at its sole discretion.

3.11. Any winnings from the bonus or free spins received after the bonus itself is wagered, lost or canceled will be deducted from the balance.

3.12. Each payment is subject to an internal review before it is confirmed. For the purposes of this verification, the player may be requested to provide the necessary documents to identify the user and to counter money laundering. Captainsbet reserves the right to cancel bonuses or winnings if such verification is not successful.

3.13. If such verification reveals that the player(s) uses fraudulent strategies, exploits a technical problem or error in the system or program, or participates in any activity that Captainsbet, in its sole discretion, considers illegal (for example, "bonus abuse"), the casino reserves the right to refuse the player to use the promotion (and/or cancel the winnings obtained in this way). Only fully completed winning and losing bets contribute to the bonus wagering.

3.14. It is forbidden to have more than one account. Creating more than one account at Captainsbet in order to receive bonuses will be considered as an abuse of bonuses and may lead to the confiscation of funds.

3.15. According to the rules of the game providers, bonus rounds and free spins do not participate in the jackpot drawing. Jackpots are only available for real money bets.

3.16. Minimum risk bets in any game (i.e. a bet placed proportionally on several different results in one hand to create a "minimum risk action") will not count towards wagering. An example of a bet with minimal risk is a simultaneous bet on red and black in roulette, or, for example, a simultaneous bet on a player and a banker in baccarat. In these and other similar cases, it is possible to confiscate both the bonus itself and any winnings received when playing with it.

3.17. If it is found that a group of players uses the same game strategies, as well as is associated (including, but not limited to) the same type of payment system, geolocation or IP address, Captainsbet reserves the right to confiscate the bonus funds and/or deposit at its sole discretion.

3.18. The validity period of all bonus offers and promotions on the site is indicated in CET/CEST.

3.19. When receiving a deposit bonus, both the deposit and the bonus are blocked by the wagering conditions. This means that you must either cancel the bonus or win it back. When you cancel a bonus, both the bonus amount itself and any winnings received while playing with it are debited from the balance. In favor of wagering the bonus, bets placed on both real and bonus funds are taken into account.

3.20. It is not allowed to submit additional deposits in order to fulfil wagering requirements. If you do so, the bonus amount and any winnings received during the wagering will be debited from the cash account.

3.21. In any disputed cases, the decision of Captainsbet is final.

3.22. It is not allowed to win back the bonus exclusively with bonus funds, and then finish the wagering already started with cash bets when the bonus funds become available or are canceled. If the player uses such tactics of the game, Captainsbet reserves the right to confiscate the winnings received in this way.

3.23. The bonus is automatically canceled if the amount on the game balance is less than $0.05 (or the equivalent in another currency). Please note that the strategy of postponing bonus rounds is also prohibited (exiting the slot after the bonus game falls out in it and completing this bonus game later, after re-entering the slot). In such cases, any winnings may be confiscated.

3.24. The deposit bonus is added immediately after the deposit. If a deposit bonus was available to you, but it was not credited automatically after the deposit, you should contact online support before the game starts. After the start of the game, the bonus cannot be added to the deposit amount.

3.25. Captainsbet reserves the right to change or cancel any promotion or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


4.1. Bonus funds (points, bonuses, etc.) must be obtained by the Player properly. Illegal methods are prohibited for their receipt or withdrawal.

4.2. The Company implements all reasonable measures to prevent collusion, as well as to detect the attempts of collusion and its participants, towards whom the appropriate actions will be taken. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the Customer or to any other Player due to collusion, fraud, or other illegal transactions or deception, and we retain the discretion to take any action with respect to these persons as it deems appropriate.

4.3. If the Customer suspects that any of the players are involved in collusion, deception, or fraudulent activity, they must immediately notify us via our email address [email protected]

4.4. If the Customer is suspected of committing illegal or fraudulent actions, including money laundering and any other violation of the Terms, the Customer's account will be blocked and access to the Website's services will be terminated. In this case, we disclaim the obligation to pay back the funds from the Customer's account. We retain the discretion to notify the relevant authorities, payment service providers, banking, and other financial institutions. At the same time, the Customer is obliged to cooperate with the Company in the investigation of this situation.

4.5. Customers are prohibited from taking actions that may cause damage to the Company or to other players. The use of the services and/or software to commit any illegal or fraudulent activity is prohibited and entails the suspension or ban of the Customer's account, as well as any other accounts owned by the Customer, withholding all of the funds being available on the account of the Customer. In this case, the Customer waives to pursue any claims to the Company.

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